I will setup Ads campaign with 3 Ad Group(s) and manager the account for 2 weeks.

I will help you connect with the right people using relevant keywords people are searching for. I will ensure you  never pay more than your monthly maximum. Also, I’m going to use ad extensions to include additional information like business location, links to specific pages on your website, product reviews and much more.

I will do:

✔️ Setup Google Ads (formerly Adwords) campaign (Display or Search)

✔️ Keyword Research

✔️ Conversion tracking

✔️ Budget setup

✔️ Bid and position setup

✔️ Geo-targeting

✔️ Cost Per Click Setup

✔️ Negative Keywords

✔️ Ad copy

✔️ Extensions Setup

✔️ Campaign Optimisation


  • 5 Days Delivery
  • Account setup
  • 6 Suggestions
  • 5 Ad Extensions
  • Campaign QA
  • Ongoing Management

If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.